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The new edition of the innovative boat tent from Black Cat has been upgraded with a suspended inner tent to prevent condensation. This addition makes the Boat Cave 2.0 completely unique. The robust external material with a water column of 5,000 mm provides optimal protection against adverse weather. The centrally-divided entrance door that extends down to the floor of the boat also protects the interior of the Boat Cave from windy conditions. The internal Velcro pockets allow the door to be weighed down with lead weights to prevent uncontrollable flapping in the wind. Large transparent windows allow a clear view of your rods. Alternatively, the rainproof front can be replaced with a mosquito net, offering protection from insects on mild summer evenings. The separated spreader poles ensure optimal transport dimensions and a more lightweight design, includes a tent bag for easy storage. The three proven frame supports, which stabilise the Boat Cave 2.0 in stormy weather and during transport, have been extended with two additional supports near the bow door. These increase stability significantly further again. Note: no liability is accepted for air flow damage when travelling at excessive speeds. The bow door, which has been upgraded with an all-round Velcro strip for better rainproofing, also enables entry/exit and anchoring when the Boat Cave 2.0 is erected. A further innovation on the Boat Cave 2.0 is the extension of the proven 2-arch design with a third arch at the rear of the tent. The third arch can also be braced with small telescopic poles where necessary, acting as an awning to provide further protection of approx. 30 cm in the interior of the tent. Thanks to the individual fixing points in the form of D-rings, the Boat Cave 2.0 can be securely fastened to many common boat types both in its standard length of 3.60 m and in the shortened version of 3.3 m. On the shortened version, the front telescopic arch is lowered by approx. 15 cm. The Boat Cave 2.0 can be erected on fishing / catfish boats between 1.85 m and 2.2 m wide. The optimal usable width is 2 m.
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